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        Adimura is an ancient Indian Traditional Martial Art. Master Mohan developed it in a scientific form by adding good modern Martial Arts from his 44 years of experience. It is designed as a Martial art and Sport

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          Tigerkan is a common name for our Martial Arts and Sports under Tigerkan Group.Now it have services at 18 states of India and 8 other countries. 

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          World Adimura Federation is the adimura wing of Tigerkan Academy of International Martial Arts. Tigerkan is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified for Martial Arts and Sports.  

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Adi : Strike, hit, attack

Mura : Way, method, law

Adimura: Method / way of striking

Train Traditional adimura from the Mother Land of Martial Arts

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Shotokan Karate, Silambam

Kalarippayattu, Taekwondo

Chinese Kung - Fu, Kobudo

Ladies Self - Defense

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Online Training

We will provide Online training for out station candidates. For details Fill the application form and send with your Identity proof. or Email your detailed  Bio - data to: adimurafederation@gmail.com


World Adimura Federation

   World Adimura Federation promoting Traditional Adimura in a Scientific and developed form from the Mother Land of Martial Arts. It is a self defense and also a sports. Both empty hand system and weaponry. Like minded Students, Instructors associations and Federations are welcome to this well build non Political World Federation and its National Federations.

     Adimura is one of the system of martial art practiced in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. There are few folk styles of Kalari similar to Adi Mura/Adi Thada in central and northern Travancore region which are mostly close range or medium range fighting styles and some styles are influenced by northern Kalari styles. Adimura is similar to  Adithada, Chuvadumura and Southern Kalarippayattu. It has a prescribed syllabus (see syllabus) and grading system.

    Mohan Master developed Adimura by introducing modern Martial Arts techniques in a scientific way and formed World Adimura Federation. It have both self-defense and sports forms. Also It has both empty and weaponry forms. Male or Female, Young or Old, Fit or Unfit, Adimura's numerous benefits can be experienced by everyone.

Evolution of the Style

      It has a legend that Lord Siva taught this art to his son Lord Murugan. Lord Murugan taught this art to the sage Agastya foremost of the Siddhar's during the times of Sangam Literature. He transferred the knowledge of this art to other Siddhar's and he also wrote treatises on this art. The presence of shrines to Agathiar in Courtallam suggests that he researched the art there.

This system of martial art evolved from the ancestral Martial traditions of South India. There are many references about martial arts training and warfare in the literary sources of the early Sangam Period (Approximately between 350 BCE to 200 CE). Many terms that are still used in this system (eg: Maravan Vazhi, Kurinji Murai etc) can be traced to the Sangam period.

 When exactly the Adimura system as we see today got compiled is still unknown. Anyway it is deeply rooted in the Sidha mystical tradition. The myths surrounding its origin are attributed to various iconic figures of Sidha mystical tradition like Agastyar and Bogar. The home (Southern Travancore) of this system of martial art is a border region of the kingdoms of the western and eastern Tamil Nadu. And being a strategic location, the marching of Pandya and the Cholas armies passed through this route during their invasion of the Chera Kingdoms several times in the history of this region. So it was the necessity of the local rulers to arm the common people of this area in warfare as a back up force. The Adimura curriculum is developed in such a way that the practitioners of this predominantly empty hand system can quickly be arms with weapons using the same Chuvadus and Adavus. 

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